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New Geldings have arrived!

From young colts to seasoned mounts...a new selection is here!

PLANTATION MANAGERS...Plan for your NEXT field trial/quail hunting season.

Now is a great time to test drive horses to add to your lineup.  We will even help you find nice homes for the retired horses.

There is definitely more than a favorite color to consider when selecting your equine companion.  We first and foremost look for a good mind and a willing attitude.  To be considered a KPS candidate, the gelding MUST have a disposition that is pleasant and people friendly.  Size, gait, conformation, soundness, and athletic ability are also hallmarks of a KPS quality horse.  We try to keep a good variety of all... plus color... from which
to choose.
Ed Lawson has been a cornerstone of quality pleasure, plantation guest, and field trial gaited horses in Georgia for over 18 years.  He and his sons, Clint Lawson and Will Lawson work diligently to select, evaluate, refine, and train Tennessee Walking Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, and Kentucky Saddle Horses into mounts they are proud to sell and as good as any they would personally own.  Welcome to the KPS experience. We encourage you to visit our stable, saddle up, and test drive a horse suitable for your needs.

Everyone loves a pretty horse...but we know that PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DOES.... That's where we step in to help.


Selection & Variety

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