TN-Walking Gelding

DOB: 2015

  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Spotted Saddle Horse
  • Rocky Mountain Horse
  • Kentucky Saddle Horse
  • Grade Gelding
  • Pleasure Mounts

  • Field Trial Gallery Mount

  • Scout Horse

        *  Plantation Guest Mount

  • Cowboy Shooting

  • Combined Training

BREED: Registered Tennessee Walker Gelding
PRICE: $4500
DOB: 2016

Delina's Roan Razor
Registered TN Walker Gelding

16. Hands and growing, 2 year old gelding.   Perfect field trial and pleasure horse.  Big enough to see over the rye grass and to carry any size rider. Wonderful gait, lope, mind. Heritage Bred out of Lineberger's stud Bud's Sterling Bullet.

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BREED: Tennessee Walking Gelding

DOB: 1997


20 yr old retired Plantation TN Walker Gelding

This gentleman is the ultimate packer....beginners, guests, novice riders will feel taken care of. Unique Sabino roan color in a 15.2 Hand package. Still lots of miles in this guy. Deserves a loving home.

BREED: Grade Tennessee Walker Gelding

DOB: 2006

TN-Walking Gelding

DOB: 7/30/2014

Rock Star

Sabino Strawberry Roan Saddle Horse

All the potential wrapped up in a stout package.  Half blaze with strip, 4 socks, and blonde mane & tail.  Over 90 days under saddle and is proving himself every day.  VERY naturally gaited and beautiful headset. Develop this one into your favorite horse. 3 yr old; 14.2 Hands

BREED: Grade Gaited Gelding

DOB: 2006

FRISCO  11 yr old Tn Walker

16 Hands; strong build Bright Bay with 2 hind socks, star & snip.  Point and go...awesome gaits, lope and stands to mount.   Field trials and pleasure horse.  Great handlers horse prospect.;



Delina's Magic Man

Heritage Bred out of Bud's True Mark.  Extremely naturally gaited, Green broke with over 60 days under saddle and progressing more every day! Refined head and carriage with stout build to go all day.  3 yr old; 15.1 Hands


12 year old Bay Grade Gaited Gelding 14.2 Hands

Ultra smooth with a true 4 beat gait.Tons of common sense and superb gallery or pleasure or guest horse.